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Family Law



For those who are going through a divorce, my firm understands that it is no easy matter. To begin with, there are substantial emotional battles that will have to be fought. In addition, you will also have to ensure your rights are safeguarded as you also attempt to avoid conflict. This is not a simple balance to find. For that reason, you will need the legal assistance of an Orlando divorce attorney from my firm to help you ensure that you can successfully maneuver through each portion of your case. When children are involved it can be especially difficult.

In the state of Florida, the court only requires you to prove that the marriage has been irretrievably broken. According to Florida residency requirements, one of the parties of the marriage must have resided in the state for six months before filing the petition. It is important to fight for your rights in a divorce situation to ensure that the divorce agreement reflects your family’s needs and goals. My firm can assist you with the following situations:


In many situations, one individual of the divorce may need to request spousal support, or alimony, to ensure that they are cared for after the divorce. To stay financially stable, these orders of support may be provided from the other party on a monthly basis.

Child Custody

Are you looking to obtain child custody of your child or children? The child custody agreement can cause substantial contention during a divorce. My firm can help you fight for your right to custody and can discuss the various options for this portion of your case.

Child Support

After many divorce decrees have been established, child support can be given from the non-custodial parent to the parent with physical custody. The purpose is to ensure the child is able to retain the same standard of living he or she previously had.


The largest issue that arises in the area of family law is divorce. It is the termination of a marriage and leads to the discussion of other issues that must be discussed, such as property division and child custody.

Domestic Violence Injunctions

A domestic violence injunction takes place when one individual is seeking protection against an individual they have a restraining order against. This restraining order results from an event of domestic violence or abuse.

Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

For those couples who want to take a precautionary step to protect their assets in the event of a future divorce, they can obtain a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement. An Orlando divorce attorney can discuss the differences and explain the benefits.

Property Division

One of the most disputed topics of a divorce involves the issue of property division. Florida is an equitable distribution state. This means that marital assets are divided in an equitable, but not necessarily equal, manner.


When it comes to child custody issues, the parent that does not receive physical custody may be entitled to obtain visitation rights with the child. As your lawyer, I can help you devise a parenting schedule that discusses this issue.


At the Law Office of Adam L. Pollack, I offer my clients the personalized legal assistance they deserve. If you need legal counsel for any part of your case, my firm can provide you with experienced and aggressive representation. I offer a free case evaluation for your convenience and to make my representation as affordable as possible. Contact the Law Office of Adam L. Pollack for responsive assistance with your divorce or other family law issue!

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