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Orlando Visitation Lawyer


After the determination of child custody has been made in a divorce case, the next step is to decide on visitation rights. If you are facing a dispute on the topic of visitation or have attempted to reach an agreement in regard to this issue, but to no avail, you can have a professional lawyer from my firm by your side. As an Orlando divorce attorney, I can represent your rights as a mother or father who does not have physical child custody of your child. I represent the best interests of children to ensure that they are given the best chance of an enjoyable life experience. Visitation is also referred to as time sharing because it is the schedule of time that is to be shared between both parties with the child.


It is essential that you talk with a lawyer from my firm if you are involved with an issue involving a parenting plan. I can also represent grandparents and other family members who would like to have visitation rights to their grandchild. The Florida State laws of visitation include the right to:

  • Shared visitation and contact with the child
  • A visitation schedule by the court if parents do not agree
  • Return to court for enforcement of a visitation order
  • Modify an existing visitation court judgment

The Florida visitation laws are specified in the Florida Administrative Order 5-20.3. It outlines the guidelines for visitation in the state, including the factors that are used to determine a parenting schedule. It is important to know the laws that pertain to the visitation rights of your child. If the child becomes ill, visitation rights will still be granted unless he or she is hospitalized. Contact my firm today for aggressive legal assistance from the Law Office of Adam L. Pollack!

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