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Property Division Attorney in Orlando


If you and your spouse have decided to dissolve your marriage, one of the most important issues that will arise is the division of property. This is also one of the most difficult aspects of divorce that can cause it to go from uncontested to contested. The matter of how your property is divided must be determined before the divorce can be finalized. Property distribution is the issue of how a couple’s property, assets, and debt will be divided and the first step is to allow an Orlando divorce attorney to examine your case. I can help you determine what property is separate and what is considered marital.


Some of your assets may be considered separate property if it was obtained by one spouse as a gift or from inheritance. If the property was obtained before the couple got married or was obtained by one spouse while the couple was legally separated, it will also be considered separate. Marital property consists of debts and assets that were mutually obtained during the course of the marriage. If you need legal guidance determining whether your assets are placed in the separate property or marital property category, an Orlando property division lawyer can assist you.


The state of Florida uses equitable distribution to divide property during the course of dissolution of a marriage. That does not mean that property is equally divided as it is in a community property state. It does, however, refer to the fair division of marital property. The division of marital property will include all assets and debts that are acquired during the marriage. If you and are spouse cannot make your own agreement with or without a mediator, the judge will decide. Contact my firm today to find out how I can help you pursue your rights!

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