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Orlando Divorce Lawyer Explains Pre & Post-Nuptial Agreements

If you are planning your wedding or just got married, you are not likely considering the prospect of divorce. There are many benefits to these agreements and it should be understood. It is important to remember that marriage is not just a public statement of your devotion to your spouse and commitment to loving him or her, but it is also a binding legal relationship. At the Law Office of Adam L. Pollack, I can help you obtain a peace of mind that comes with knowing your possessions will be safe in the event of divorce. The state of Florida has an alarming divorce rate, even though most of those individuals were not planning to dissolve their marriage. To protect your assets, speak with an Orlando divorce attorney from my firm!


A pre-nuptial (prenup) or post-nuptial (postnup) agreement is a financial planning tool that helps to benefit both parties of the marriage. The laws pertaining to community property in divorce is a complex issue. The primary difference between a prenup and postnup is the time in which the document is filed. A pre-nuptial agreement is one that is enacted before the marriage takes place. A post-nuptial agreement is one that is written after the marriage is established. These agreements are used to specify the property that each person owns and what each person’s rights to certain property will be if the marriage dissolves.


Many people believe that prenups and postnups are simply for the wealthy. Even for those who live by modest means, they can greatly benefit from this type of agreement. If you have property that you want to pass on to children from a prior marriage after you die, want to clarify your financial rights and responsibilities during marriage, or want protection form another’s debts, this might be right for you. This agreement can also simply be used to avoid arguments in the event of divorce. Contact my firm today to find out more about these agreements!

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