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Domestic Violence Injunctions


An injunction can be made for the protection of a man or woman against domestic violence. It is a civil order that aims to provide legal protection from the abuse of a family member. It is frequently called a restraining order and is a court document that requires the domestic abuser to stop performing such violent acts and from coming near you. If you have a domestic violence injunction and the abuser violates the court order, the police will have valid reason to place him or her under arrest.


Domestic violence is the assault or battery, or aggravated assault or battery against a member of a household. It may also include sexual assault, stalking, kidnapping, or any other criminal act that results in physical injury or wrongful death of the victim. If you are the victim of domestic violence or have a reason to believe that you may become the victim, the Orlando divorce lawyer from my firm can help you obtain an injunction. There are different types of injunctions for protection. You can obtain a temporary injunction or final injunction by calling my firm at your earliest convenience!

There are many types of domestic violence but no matter what the issue, it is important to seek legal protection during this situation. My legal team understands your family’s needs and the circumstances you are facing. It can be a complex circumstance that will involve a lot of paperwork and stress, but I can help! I offer a free case evaluation for those seeking a domestic violence injunction or who are involved in another similar family law crisis. As your Orlando domestic violence attorney, I can prepare a solid case on your behalf. It is important not to underestimate your component but to rather enlist aggressive representation. You can obtain my legal counsel by contacting Law Office of Adam L. Pollack today!

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