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If you are filing for a divorce or have been served divorce papers by your current spouse, it is important to understand the state laws and regulations that pertain to this area of family law. At the Law Office of Adam L. Pollack, I have been practicing family law since 1996 and have developed a strong sense of what it means to represent clients and help them through this difficult and emotional experience. The divorce rate in Florida is well above the national divorce rate. It is obvious that the state of Florida requires aggressive legal representation for all those experiencing this family law issue. As an Orlando divorce attorney, I have the capability to assist a divorcing couple through the difficult circumstances and issues during divorce.

Based on the law of Florida, one of the individuals of the marriage must have resided in the state for six months prior to the commencement of the divorce. When one party files the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, they must declare the appropriate grounds for divorce. The court demands that an irretrievably broken marriage must be proven in order for a divorce to take place on either the ground of irreconcilable differences that one of the parties is mentally incapacitated and has been so for at least three years.

The spouse that is filing is called the petitioner. This individual is the one who initiates the procedure with the family law court. The respondent is the party who does not file the initial dissolution of marriage papers. At the Law Office of Adam L. Pollack, I offer personalized representation based on the specifics of your case. Every divorce case is different and therefore, I will apply a unique approach to each case. Contact my firm today to obtain the representation you need!

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