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Spousal Privilege and Unlawful Search and Seizure of Computer

We are constantly on our smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles and connected televisions.  Technology makes it very difficult to disconnect from the Internet.  This raises some serious legal challenges when it comes to the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unlawful searches and seizures. Spousal privileges can make our communications more challenging to protect. Spousal privilege in Florida […]

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Begin with the End In Mind When Developing Your Florida Parenting Plan

Choosing the right divorce attorney to represent your interests is hard enough. When there are children involved, that decision can affect your entire family. In Florida, the court system does not like to use the word “custody” when referencing children in divorce. Instead, Florida will have each parent collaborate in developing a Parenting Plan. This […]

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Domestic Violence Injunctions and Family Law Matters

A tragedy that has been making the national news serves to remind us that temporary injunctions are filed every day intended to protect alleged victims of domestic violence.  In Michigan, an estranged husband killed his wife in an upstairs bedroom and then killed himself in the basement. One of their three young children had to […]

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Same-Sex Divorce is Now a Reality in Florida

When Florida judge Dale Cohen ordered the first same-sex divorce, it ushered in a new era in Florida family law practice. Same-sex marriages were illegal at the time in Florida and a couple asked for a divorce from a civil union in Vermont. Judge Cohen found Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional  and granted the […]

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