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At the Law Office of Adam L. Pollack, I understand the difficulty you are likely facing if experiencing a divorce. No matter how many years of marriage you and your spouse have been through, the termination of your legal relationship can be one of the most difficult experiences you will ever have to endure. I have the legal knowledge necessary to deal with every aspect of your Orlando divorce. As an Orlando divorce lawyer, I have been practicing law since 1996 and throughout that time, I have worked hard to protect the interests of my clients. My experience has made me a confident attorney who is always prepared for the next step in a family law case.

When it comes to family law, I handle every case with a unique approach. Every case begins with a case evaluation in which we analyze the specifics of your circumstance and the nature of the case. Every aspect should be discussed, including the issue of property division. The case evaluation will give you an opportunity to meet with myself so that we can discuss the options you have. If I represent your case, I will approach it with the concept that you are part of my firm’s team. By working with an Orlando divorce lawyer from my firm, you can have all the confidence you need to achieve a successful result to this difficult experience. Working with my firm can be your answer to reaching a settlement that pleases you.

How We Can Serve You

During your case evaluation, I can discuss a variety of topics with you to develop a solid divorce agreement that does not compromise your goals or desires. If you have children who are going to be affected by the divorce, I can also help you and your spouse come to agreements on child custody and child support. If a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, I can begin to prepare your case for trial. Although the most desirable situation would be to settle the case prior to it getting messy and having to be discussed in court, I am not afraid to take it there. I am qualified to represent you through all types of cases to successfully resolve your situation.


No matter what your divorce entails, I have the legal knowledge and ability to handle your case. If you are concerned with an issue involving visitation and want to preserve the relationship you have with your child or children. I can answer all of the questions you have and provide you with the legal advice necessary to successfully pursue a divorce agreement that matches your desires. My office can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, I offer payment plans with reasonable fees. Whatever the circumstance, I can help you develop a plan that protects your rights and desires.

In some situations, a couple who is pursuing marriage or has recently wedded may desire to obtain a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement. The purpose is to protect their assets if a divorce arises in the future. Nobody gets married with the impression of an impending divorce. The state of Florida has the 8th highest divorce rate in the country. Approximately 4.3% of the residents in the state get divorced in their lifetime. For that reason, a pre or post nuptial agreement is not a bad idea. If you are facing domestic violence injunctions, I can protect your rights and help ensure that you are safe throughout the divorce process. Contact my firm to know how we can help you and your family today!

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